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Hackers are still running coronavirus-related campaigns, CrowdStrike warns

by Shannon Vavra • 1 month ago

Hackers working for China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and India, as well as hacktivists and criminals, are still using COVID-19 themed lures.

Ransomware operators now threatening to publish stolen data in extortion demands

by Shannon Vavra • 1 month ago

The big attack on Baltimore marked the beginning of a new trend, according to one analyst.

CrowdStrike revenue jumps amid work-from-home orders

by Jeff Stone • 2 months ago

The California security firm announced its latest figures during a call Tuesday.

'Greenbug' hacking group hits three telecom firms in Pakistan

by Sean Lyngaas • 3 months ago

Telecom firms offer spies a treasure trove of targets, and hackers tied to Tehran have been busy.

CrowdStrike’s co-founder steps down to launch nonprofit

by Shannon Vavra • 6 months ago

Alperovitch will launch a nonpartisan “policy accelerator.”

Securiosity: CrowdStrike's week in conspiracy theory hell

by CyberScoop Staff • 10 months ago

The president is pushing a very weird false narrative on CrowdStrike. FedEx shareholders are fighting over NotPetya and bug bounty companies may have some workforce issues in California.

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