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Trump administration wants private sector to do more to counter foreign intelligence efforts

by Shannon Vavra • 7 months ago

It's the first counterintelligence strategy of the Trump administration.

Justice Department faces different threat profile because of its investigative work, CISO says

by Sean Lyngaas • 10 months ago

The Justice Department faces a different combination of hacking threats from criminals and foreign governments than other federal organizations, Nickolous Ward said.

Justice official: U.S. private and public sectors face the same Chinese spying tactics

by Sean Lyngaas • 11 months ago

Intelligence agencies, companies and research institutes in China are coordinating deeply in scoping targets to pinpoint the data they want, says Assistant Attorney General John Demers.

LinkedIn is becoming China's go-to platform for recruiting foreign spies

by Jeff Stone • 1 year ago

Social media recruitment is only one method Chinese spies use to collect information about U.S. national security and corporate secrets.

Army Cyber Command brings in outside help to fight insider threats

by Ryan Duffy • 2 years ago

Two companies announced Thursday a $6.5 million contract award to help the United States Army Cyber Command shore up counterintelligence efforts.

Amid ongoing geopolitical tension, researchers find Pakistan-linked hacking aimed at India

by Chris Bing • 2 years ago

As well-crafted hacking tools become more ubiquitous, long simmering rivalries between developing nations take on a new dimension: cyber espionage runs rampant.

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