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Senators introduce bill to counter bad cybersecurity practices in credit reporting industry

by Chris Bing • 2 months ago

Two Democrats want to provide new regulatory powers for the Federal Trade Commission so that it can punish companies like Equifax and others in the credit reporting industry for poor cybersecurity practices.

How Congress could handle cybersecurity-focused bills in 2018

by Shaun Waterman • 2 months ago

CyberScoop polled a half dozen people who work on cybersecurity policy issues to come up with a verdict on each piece of possible legislation.

Here's what the newly signed NDAA means for cybersecurity

by Chris Bing • 3 months ago

President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Tuesday, approving the $700 billion spending bill designed to fund the U.S. military and its various cybersecurity-focused initiatives.

Lawmakers demand answers from Uber after massive data breach

by cyber_admin • 4 months ago

A group of senators want answers from Uber regarding a data breach that exposed personal information on 57 million users.

Senators urged to question DHS nominee Nielsen's management experience

by Shaun Waterman • 4 months ago

There's one topic many observers are hoping the Senate Homeland Committee will ask about: whether Nielsen has padded her resume based on her time as DHS chief of staff.

'Sherpa' leading Nielsen DHS confirmation effort is lobbyist tied to agency contractors

by Shaun Waterman • 5 months ago

A lobbyist working for companies that have business in front of DHS is prepping Kirstjen Nielsen for her confirmation hearings — an unprecedented role that's causing consternation among some administration officials.

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