Private sector isn’t sharing data with DHS’s threat portal

by Sean Lyngaas • 3 months ago

There is a growing consensus in Congress and in the private sector that federal information-sharing efforts are falling way short of expectations and needs.

Senate panel gives go-ahead to bill that would hit reset on DHS

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 7 months ago

The bill would reorganize NPPD into a dedicated cyber agency, among other cybersecurity-oriented moves.

HHS faces flak over new cyber center

by Shaun Waterman • 1 year ago

There's concern from some in the healthcare sector and key lawmakers about the Department of Health and Human Services' new national cybersecurity intelligence-sharing clearinghouse.

Secretive industry groups share best cyber threat intel, experts say

by Chris Bing • 2 years ago

Some of the most valuable threat intelligence is closely held and shared amongst a series of exclusive private sector groups, experts said at a D.C. event Tuesday.