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Dem lawmakers want FBI briefing on foreign interference efforts in 2020 election

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 weeks ago

The lawmakers want the classified briefing to take place before Congress adjourns for its August recess.

FBI assesses Russian apps may be counterintelligence threat

by Shannon Vavra • 9 months ago

The letter sent to Sen. Chuck Schumer is in response to concerns about FaceApp.

FaceApp isn't taking all of your photos, but the privacy concerns are very real

by Shannon Vavra • 1 year ago

From shady fine print to Russian law, FaceApp's geriatric filter may not be worth all the fun.

ZTE ban, tucked inside the NDAA, passes the Senate

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 years ago

The House of Representatives' version, which omits the ZTE ban, has to be reconciled with the Senate bill.

Potential Trump deal to ease sanctions on China's ZTE riles Congress

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 years ago

New legislation and harsh words have met reports of a Trump-Xi deal that would lift penalties against ZTE.

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