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A Chinese company has 25 million Android devices tangled in an ad fraud scheme

by Jeff Stone • 6 days ago

Researchers declined to identify the company by name, citing an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

Dozens of Facebook pages about current events in Libya were linked to malware

by Jeff Stone • 2 weeks ago

Facebook removed the pages — which collectively had hundreds of thousands of followers — after notification from researchers, Check Point said.

Embassies targeted in ongoing spearphishing campaign that weaponized Microsoft Excel files

by Shannon Vavra • 3 months ago

Hackers filled emails U.S. State Department logos and “Top Secret” labels to trick victims into believing they were legitimate.

Hacking tools used by North Korea's Lazarus Group aimed at Russian targets

by Jeff Stone • 5 months ago

Check Point cautions that while it’s “problematic” to definitively pinpoint who’s responsible for such an attack, its “analysis reveals intrinsic connections to the tactics, techniques and tools used by the North Korean APT group[.]”

Epic Games login tokens were susceptible to theft, research shows

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 6 months ago

Researchers say it was possible to hijack old Epic Games domains and use them break into other users' accounts.

'Man-in-the-disk' attack took advantage of Android data security flaws

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 11 months ago

Google acknowledged the problem and fixed it in several official apps, but other developers seem to have chosen to ignore it.

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