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A basic text-color trick can fool phishing filters

by Joe Warminsky • 2 months ago

Researchers at Avanan have found evidence of a phishing campaign that involves whited-out text intended to trick email security filters.

TrickBot malware suddenly got quiet, researchers say, but it's hardly the end for its operators

by Joe Warminsky • 3 months ago

Researchers at Intel471 and AdvIntel say the cybercrime group probably has other plans for its talents.

Deep dive into hack against Iranian state TV yields wiper malware, other custom tools

by AJ Vicens • 3 months ago

"We could not find any evidence that these tools were used previously, or attribute them to a specific threat actor," Check Point researchers said.

TrickBot developers continue to refine the malware's sneakiness and power

by Joe Warminsky • 3 months ago

Check Point Research inspected the malware's formidable layers of "anti-analysis" and "anti-deobfuscation" capabilities.

Potent Brazilian banking trojan resurfaces in South America, despite arrests that averted $4M theft

by AJ Vicens • 7 months ago

Police in Spain might averted big losses with some Mekotio-related arrests earlier this year, but the malware is back.

Iranian state media blames hack for apparent fuel shortage, the latest incident to draw attention

by Jeff Stone • 7 months ago

Few details about the incident were immediately available.