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SolarWinds CEO reveals much earlier hack timeline, regrets company blaming intern

by Tim Starks • 8 months ago

The new SolarWinds timeline places the earliest activity at around eight months earlier than previously disclosed.

Wine scams spiked during COVID-19 lockdown

by Tim Starks • 10 months ago

The malicious wine-related activity "must be stopped at all costs."

Top insurer CNA disconnects systems after cyberattack

by Tim Starks • 10 months ago

It could be a "nightmare scenario" for CNA and others if hackers get ahold of policyholder information.

Twitter hacker pleads guilty, sentenced to 3 years

by Sean Lyngaas • 10 months ago

Prosecutors touted the plea deal as a chance for Graham Ivan Clark to mend his ways.

Molson Coors says cyberattack disrupted beer brewing

by Tim Starks • 11 months ago

One of the biggest beer companies in the U.S., Molson Coors didn't provide many specifics about the cyberattack.

Senate hearing on SolarWinds hack lays bare US shortcomings, remaining mysteries

by Tim Starks • 11 months ago

Fundamental questions, like how the SolarWinds hackers got into its systems from the start, still aren't answered.