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Emotet, NetWalker and TrickBot have taken big blows, but will it be enough?

by Tim Starks • 4 weeks ago

The idea might not be to shut the cybercrime operations down entirely, but to make their lives very difficult.

US, European police say they’ve disrupted the notorious Emotet botnet

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 weeks ago

It's a big blow to a multimillion-dollar botnet.

Suspect in case of Mirai botnet, which knocked major sites offline in 2016, pleads guilty

by Jeff Stone • 3 months ago

Sentencing is scheduled for January 2021.

TrickBot adds firmware tool that researchers say could lead to 'bricking' devices

by Tim Starks • 3 months ago

A TrickBot add-on module's power to destroy devices is more than theoretical, Eclypsium and Advintel said.

$100 million botnet scheme earns Russian man 8 years in prison

by Tim Starks • 4 months ago

Aleksandr Brovko pleaded guilty in February.

TrickBot really is on the run after Microsoft, Cyber Command disruption

by Tim Starks • 4 months ago

As new servers have sprung up, Microsoft's coalition has tamped them back down.