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Why the easy cybersecurity problems should be left to automation

by CyberScoop Staff • 4 weeks ago

Booz Allen Hamilton Sr. Associate Kelly Rozumalski talks with Greg Otto on how automation can free up cybersecurity experts to tackle complex problems inside organizations.

Looking to fit it all together, banks adopt standards for cyber automation and integration

by Shaun Waterman • 1 month ago

This week, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Council said it was adopting the Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense system — basically a collection of best practices, community-consensus driven standards, and open-source software projects.

Why every organization needs to think about automation

by CyberScoop Staff • 1 month ago

Samsung Device Certification Manager Brian Wood talks with Greg Otto on how automation is becoming increasingly important for organizations to adopt with regard to their cybersecurity posture.

McAfee pushes government to craft improved cybersecurity game plans

by Greg Otto • 8 months ago

In the face of malware's growth in both category and character, government experts joined private sector leaders Thursday to formulate better ways to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

NSA technical director: Sharing hacker information isn't enough, we need a shared response

by Chris Bing • 9 months ago

The nature of cyberthreats aimed at both the U.S. government and private American companies calls for a dramatic shift in how the larger cybersecurity community shares information about hackers and collectively responds to attacks, said Neal Ziring of the NSA’s Capabilities Directorate.

Armies of pro-Trump Twitter bots are now promoting WikiLeaks' CIA dump

by Chris Bing • 9 months ago

The Twitter bots we saw during the presidential campaign have found a new topic to direct their focus on.

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