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TSA pushes more cybersecurity mandates on critical pipeline owners, emphasizing ransomware

by Tim Starks • 1 week ago

It's the second set of requirements TSA has issued since the momentous Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

DHS hails cybersecurity hiring blitz that puts dent in thousands of vacancies

by Tim Starks • 4 weeks ago

DHS hired hundreds in a "sprint," to the tune of a 12% improvement.

DHS to hire 200 more cyber pros as Biden administration grapples with hacking threats

by Sean Lyngaas • 3 months ago

It's part of “the most significant hiring initiative” the department has ever undertaken, according to Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas pledges to modernize US cyber-defenses after their failure to detect alleged Russian spies

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 months ago

"Our government got hacked last year and we didn’t know about it for months,” the DHS chief lamented Wednesday.

Tim Maurer takes front office DHS cybersecurity job advising Mayorkas

by Tim Starks • 5 months ago

Tim Maurer has focused on cybersecurity in the international and financial services spheres.

Senate confirms cybersecurity-focused Alejandro Mayorkas as DHS secretary

by Sean Lyngaas • 6 months ago

“The cybersecurity of our nation [will be] one of my highest priorities,” Mayorkas said in his confirmation hearing.