White House argues platforms should be liable if algorithms promote harmful content

The Biden administration argues that companies such as Google should be responsible for harmful content their algorithms promote.

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$858 billion defense bill focuses heavily on cyber. These are some highlights.

by Suzanne Smalley

The National Defense Authorization Act omits some efforts such as one to compel federal contractors to provide software bills of material.

North Korean hackers exploit Itaewon tragedy to infiltrate South Korean targets

by AJ Vicens

The notorious hacking group used the Halloween tragedy that killed more than 150 people to trick South Koreans into downloading malware.

DHS Cyber Safety Review Board to focus on Lapsus$ hackers

by Suzanne Smalley

DHS officials said Lapsus$ is the perfect target for the next CSRB report and described the hacking group's hacks as "ongoing."

More than a dozen journalists sue NSO Group in U.S. court over alleged spyware targeting

by AJ Vicens

The lawsuit is the third against the Israeli firm in the U.S., but the first brought by journalists.

Google reveals Spanish IT firm's links to spyware targeting Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Defender

by AJ Vicens

Google says it has deployed patches for zero-day vulnerabilities that a Spanish tech company may have used to develop spyware.

Wave of cyber-enabled scams target FIFA World Cup fans

by AJ Vicens

Digital scams looking to steal data and dollars from World Cup fans are in full force as the tournament enters week two.

Beyond Trump, Twitter welcomes back purveyors of far-right disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

Soon after allowing Trump's return to Twitter, Musk brought back other accounts that have promoted disinformation frequently in the past.

How Xi Jinping leveled-up China's hacking teams

by Dakota Cary

China's investments in cybersecurity education set the stage for a new, more prolific era of digital espionage.

White House expected to issue executive order reining in spyware

by Tonya Riley

The prospect of an executive order limiting use of spyware within U.S. intelligence unleashes potentially even more debate in Washington.

Biden set to approve expansive authorities for Pentagon to carry out cyber operations

by Suzanne Smalley

The State Department fought hard to win back the cyber authorities that it lost under the Trump administration but did not prevail.