Apple will encrypt iCloud backups, addressing longstanding criticism

Privacy groups said the encryption features — which require users to opt in — are welcome but long overdue.

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ChatGPT shows promise of using AI to write malware

by Elias Groll

Large language models pose a major cybersecurity risk, both from the vulnerabilities they risk introducing and the malware they could produce.

FCC faces long road in stripping Chinese tech from US telecom networks

by Elias Groll, Christian Vasquez

Gear from Chinese companies is ubiquitous on U.S. networks even after order clamping down on firms like Huawei and ZTE.

Elon Musk wants encrypted messaging for Twitter. It might not be that simple.

by Tonya Riley

Experts are skeptical that Musk can execute while addressing the serious safety concerns that a move to encrypted messaging entails.

Beyond Trump, Twitter welcomes back purveyors of far-right disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

Soon after allowing Trump's return to Twitter, Musk brought back other accounts that have promoted disinformation frequently in the past.

How Xi Jinping leveled-up China's hacking teams

by Dakota Cary

China's investments in cybersecurity education set the stage for a new, more prolific era of digital espionage.

Spy agency embraces meme culture and the internet is here for it

by Suzanne Smalley

The NSA cybersecurity director's memes suggest the Pentagon may have finally figured out how to use internet culture to its advantage.

Is a more collaborative approach the answer to fighting global disinformation?

by Suzanne Smalley

The firm Graphika is pitching a software-based multistakeholder threat center to track, share and analyze disinformation at scale.

White House rallies industry support for Internet of Things labeling effort

by Suzanne Smalley, Tonya Riley

Executives from consumer electronic companies along with advocates and academics joined officials from the White House and FCC the meeting.

Transcom completes zero trust implementation across its classified network

by Brandi Vincent

U.S. Transportation Command also released a new strategy to ensure it can remain ready now and in the future.

Many public safety agencies remain unequipped to defend against cyberattacks

by Colin Wood

Less than half of respondents in a survey of first responders said their agencies are "at least somewhat prepared in case of a cyberattack."