Anonymous says it's leaking hacked data from Epik, a right-wing hosting service

It's the latest effort in a generation of political activism from the umbrella hacking collective.

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UN calls for human rights safeguards on artificial intelligence

by Tonya Riley • 4 days ago

A U.N. official says biased data collection in AI is a pressing human rights question.

Apple patches against alleged NSO Group zero-click exploit used on activists

by Tonya Riley • 6 days ago

Apple released its iOS 14.8 update Monday.

National cyber director declares 'too soon to say we're out of the woods,' as US enjoys dip in ransomware

by Tim Starks • 1 week ago

The U.S. still isn't well-equipped to answer the challenge ransomware poses, Chris Inglis said.

Russian cybercrime continues as government-backed attacks on companies dwindle, CrowdStrike says

by Tim Starks • 2 weeks ago

Russian government-backed groups have turned their attention elsewhere, while the local ransomware scene thrives.

A spyware app designed to monitor Kurdish targets attracted more than 1,400 downloads

by Jeff Stone • 2 weeks ago

The identity of the spies remains unclear, though the hacking tool is capable of collecting vast amounts of data.

Pro-Beijing operatives used social media to try promoting NYC protest

by Tonya Riley • 2 weeks ago

China's efforts to sway online opinions in its favor have ramped up.

Cryptocurrency payments to scams outpace ransomware jackpots in Eastern Europe, Chainalysis finds

by Tonya Riley • 3 weeks ago

Eastern Europe is leading the pack.

Bahrain hacked activists' iPhones with NSO Group spyware, Citizen Lab says

by Tonya Riley • 4 weeks ago

The new research raises concerns about iOS security.

Suspected Russian operatives tried to stir far-right outrage about COVID-19 on 4chan

by Tonya Riley • 1 month ago

Members of the same operation posed as members of the Anonymous hacking collective.

SEC, education company Pearson settle charges over 2018 security incident for $1 million

by Tim Starks • 1 month ago

The company misled both the SEC and the public about the incident, the agency said.