Former McAfee employees conspired to take 'secret sauce' to Tanium, lawsuit says

McAfee has filed a lawsuit against former employees, accusing them of conspiracy and stealing trade secrets before starting new positions at a competitor. In a suit filed Monday in the Eastern District Court of Texas, McAfee claims that three former sales staffers — Jennifer Kinney, Alan Coe and Percy Tejeda — conspired to breach their contracts and steal the “secret sauce” underlying McAfee’s sales tactics and customer strategies. The three left McAfee for Tanium, the lawsuit states, a rival endpoint-security firm, at various points throughout the past year. The case highlights the cutthroat nature of the security industry, a relatively small field where firms are in constant competition and employees frequently get offers to jump ship. Tejeda, McAfee’s former director of finance, was the first employee to accept a new position at Tanium, according to the complaint. He then recruited Kinney, who formerly reported to Tejeda at McAfee, and Coe … Continue reading Former McAfee employees conspired to take ‘secret sauce’ to Tanium, lawsuit says