'Machete' cyber-espionage group goes after military in Venezuela

In March, there were massive, days-long power outages in Venezuela, causing several fatalities and pushing the South American country into turmoil that has continued to the present day. Around the same time as the first outages, a cyber-espionage group — dubbed “Machete” by ESET — began siphoning off gigabytes of confidential documents from Venezuela’s military in a successful campaign that is ongoing, according to new research from ESET. While there are some compromised computers in Ecuador, Colombia, and Nicaragua, the primary focus is Venezuela, as over half of the compromised computers in the campaign belong to the Venezuelan military, according to the Slovakian cybersecurity company. ESET researchers write that until May of this year, more than 50 computers were actively communicating with the attackers’ command and control server and bleeding gigabytes-worth of data each week. The toolset used by Machete is capable of stealing documents commonly used in the office … Continue reading ‘Machete’ cyber-espionage group goes after military in Venezuela