Securiosity: What happened with the Vault 7 trial?

Greg Otto and Jeff Stone talk about the how the case against Joshua Schulte ended in a mistrial.

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Defenders need to increasingly rely on agility in cyberspace

by Julia Weaver • 4 months ago

Recent events of 2020 have taught CISOs important lessons defending against agile cyber-adversaries building and executing cyberattacks.

Cloud and AI key to managing risk and compliance

by Jeff Stone • 5 months ago

IT leaders are overwhelmed with security and regulation requirements. But using AI-enabled tools and a holistic cloud strategy can help agencies better mitigate security risk.

Threat intelligence increasingly depends on AI

by Jeff Stone • 5 months ago

But artificial intelligence still requires time to learn as adversaries grow in size and sophistication, a security expert says.

Securiosity: How is information being shared during the pandemic?

by Jeff Stone • 7 months ago

Greg Otto talks to Dan Young, Founder of QuoLab, about what he’s doing to help keep the lines of information sharing open

Cyber Everywhere: Aligning the CISO role with the business strategy

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

The roles of chief information security officers are changing as organizations establish a broader security strategy into their lines of business.

Securiosity: How important is API security?

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

Everyone loves APIs. Including hackers.

Cyber Everywhere: Coordinate a successful identity governance plan

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

Cybersecurity leaders from Deloitte discuss the top strategies executives should keep in mind in building identity management and governance with modern solutions.

How do you fight off a ransomware attack?

by Jeff Stone • 8 months ago

What goes on in the short term? How do you stop the bleeding? How do you recover?

How Oak Ridge National Lab DevSecOps team mobilized amid pandemic

by Jeff Stone • 9 months ago

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s chief information security officer shares steps the research institute took to ensure security and integrity of its data.

Cybersecurity report shows an increase in cyberthreats during pandemic

by Jeff Stone • 9 months ago

Surges in collaboration tool use and cloud demands open enterprise networks to new risks and threat actors are taking notice, a new McAfee report finds.