IBM sounds alarm about more data-wiping malware from Iran

IBM’s security experts said Wednesday they have uncovered previously unknown malware developed by Iranian hackers that was used in a data-wiping attack against unnamed energy and industrial organizations the Middle East. The newfound malware, dubbed ZeroCleare, “spread to numerous devices on the affected network, sowing the seeds of a destructive attack that could affect thousands of devices and cause disruption that could take months to fully recover from,” Limor Kessem, an Israel-based analyst with IBM’s X-Force incident response team, wrote in a blog post. The discovery adds to years of evidence that hackers linked to the Iranian government have developed and deployed data-destroying code against multiple targets in the Middle East. Security analysts have warned that Iran could step up its use of cyberattacks amid heightened tensions with Saudi Arabia and the United States. IBM analysts believe APT34 — a hacking group linked with the Iranian government — and at least one … Continue reading IBM sounds alarm about more data-wiping malware from Iran