DC CyberWeek is about big ideas, big talks and doing something impactful for the greater good of technology. Members of the cybersecurity community may submit proposals to host a DC CyberWeek event.

What do I need to host an event?
DC CyberWeek hosts provide the event venue and refreshments. All you need is a conference room or other meeting space and a cybersecurity-related topic.

Who should host DC CyberWeek events?
Anyone involved in tech or cybersecurity may apply to host a DC CyberWeek event. Organizations may be involved in government, technology, legal or financial industries, to name just a few. Fill out the simple application below to tell us about your proposed event!

How big does a DC CyberWeek event need to be?
DC CyberWeek events may be large or small, learning or networking events. Convene a small working group of five or 10 people, a large seminar for 50 people or an open networking event for hundreds of attendees!

How much do I charge guests to attend DC CyberWeek events?
There is no charge for guests to attend DC CyberWeek events.