Hackers are messing with routers' DNS settings as telework surges around the world

Personal Wi-Fi routers have long been a cybersecurity weak point, which is a growing concern as the COVID-19 pandemic forces people to work from home. According to new BitDefender research, criminals have moved quickly to manipulate these routers in a wide swath of countries in Europe, as well as in the United States. Attackers have begun changing Domain Name System (DNS) settings in Linksys routers, pointing users to what they believe is a legitimate website that also includes a pop-up message with information about the pandemic. However, once a user clicks through, a fake coronavirus-related app may be downloaded containing malware that can perform a host of nefarious activities, according to Liviu Arsene, a global cybersecurity researcher at BitDefender. ”It is a big problem, especially now that everybody’s working from home,” Arsene told CyberScoop. “Having your router’s DNS compromised can spell disaster because if attackers can redirect you to any page they want … Continue reading Hackers are messing with routers’ DNS settings as telework surges around the world