Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone is associate editor of CyberScoop.


Australia passes world's first law authorizing encryption backdoors

by Jeff Stone • 3 days ago

Privacy advocates, technologists and businesses including Apple have criticized the Australian bill and similar proposals elsewhere, saying such a plan would introduce portals for government abuse and malicious hackers alike.


Google unveils security suite, promising enhanced cloud visibility

by Jeff Stone • 4 days ago

The goal is to organize diverse security information into a single web portal where enterprise security administrators can view everything at once, the company said.


Symantec markets USB security to industrial facilities amid shift to enterprise sales

by Jeff Stone • 5 days ago

In an era when many workers admit they wouldn't hesitate to stick a stray USB stick into their work computer, the Industrial Control System Protection Neural, is meant to help energy, oil, gas and manufacturing organizations check for malicious software.


First major Kubernetes flaw enables hackers to access backend servers undetected

by Jeff Stone • 5 days ago

The bug in the popular open-source tool warranted a 9.8 out of 10 severity score because it could allow outsiders to establish a connection through Kubernetes’ trusted application program interface to backend servers.


Citrix security boss warns that cryptojackers are exploiting cloud ignorance

by Jeff Stone • 6 days ago

Cloud providers charge for computing power and data removed. When malicious cryptojackers take control of an employee’s account, then use that access to mine for bitcoin or Monero, that can dramatically increase the a firm’s data consumption.


Passport numbers stolen from Marriott provide scammers with another ID theft tool

by Jeff Stone • 7 days ago

It's another piece of data that can be used to sell "fullz," or full stolen profiles used to commit identity theft.

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