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Router vendor has patched some zero-days, but leaves others wide open

by Sean Lyngaas • 2 months ago

A researcher found 10 previously undisclosed vulnerabilities in MoFi Networks routers that could allow attackers to steal passwords and data from networks.

Netgear moves to plug vulnerability in routers after researchers find zero-day

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 months ago

The findings underscore the challenge of improving security in a market that prizes cheap and functional networking equipment.

Bug hunter unveils Cisco zero-days at ShmooCon

by Sean Lyngaas • 9 months ago

Looks can be deceiving when a security researcher first studies a piece of code.

A flaw in Amazon's Ring doorbells leaked customers' Wi-Fi credentials

by Jeff Stone • 12 months ago

It's only the latest example of security technology introducing new gateways of attack into a user's home.

Newly reported flaws in cameras, locks add to scrutiny of smart-home security

by Jeff Stone • 1 year ago

Patches are available for both vulnerabilities, and hackers would need physical access in both cases to carry out an attack.

Zero-day in popular video surveillance technology goes public, unpatched

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 2 years ago

"The Peekaboo flaw is extremely concerning because it exploits the very technology we rely on to keep us safe," Tenable chief technology officer Renaud Deraison said in a statement.

Stolen U.S. drone documents found for sale on dark web

by Chris Bing • 2 years ago

Analysts with Recorded Future say the stolen drone documents appear to be legitimate, having come from an enlisted captain that's currently stationed at a Nevada-based U.S. Air Force facility.

FBI shuts down domain behind Russian 'VPNFilter' botnet

by Greg Otto • 2 years ago

The FBI action cut off a massive botnet that was possibly being used for a forthcoming cyberattack aimed at Ukraine.

Researchers uncover sophisticated botnet aimed at possible attack inside Ukraine

by Chris Bing • 2 years ago

A massive, reportedly Russian-linked hacking operation looms over Ukraine, people familiar with the matter who spoke with CyberScoop.

Leaked NSA tools, now infecting over 200,000 machines, will be weaponized for years

by Patrick Howell O'Neill • 3 years ago

"Expect more bloodbath," says one researcher.

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