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Researchers uncover potential ransomware network with U.S. connections

by AJ Vicens • 3 weeks ago

Researchers at Censys found what appears to be a command and control network capable of launching attacks, including one host in Ohio.

Foreign spies use front companies to disguise their hacking, borrowing an old camouflage tactic

by Jeff Stone • 2 years ago

Details revealed in recent U.S. charges bear striking similarities to prior hacking tactics.

Cyber Command backs 'urgent' patch for F5 security vulnerability

by Shannon Vavra • 2 years ago

One of the largest providers of enterprise networking equipment in the world, F5, issued a patch for an issue that, if exploited, could lead to “complete system compromise.”

How COVID-19 changed Cyber Command's 'Cyber Flag' exercise

by Shannon Vavra • 2 years ago

Even the military's hackers have to work from home.

TrickBot developers have spun up a new backdoor for high-value targets

by Shannon Vavra • 3 years ago

Banking trojan operators are upping their game, researchers say.

Financial hacking teams FIN7, Cobalt Group update tactics to haunt banks and retail

by Jeff Stone • 3 years ago

It's like a never-ending greatest hits tour.

There's a lot more to patching security vulnerabilities than you might think

by Jeff Stone • 3 years ago

Saying 'Well, why didn't you just patch?' is not helpful. Here's why.

'Cobalt Group' launches new campaign against banks in Romania, Russia

by Sean Lyngaas • 4 years ago

An infamous hacking group is back to aggressively targeting banks less than a month after the Justice Department announced the arrest of three of its high-level members, according to new research.

Asia's hackers are finding a home on the dark web

by Greg Otto • 4 years ago

Normally used by U.S. and Russian hackers, Asian countries are starting to find their footing on the criminal dark web.

Meet Money Taker, the latest hacking group tied to Russian cybercrime

by Chris Bing • 5 years ago

Group-IB believes Money Taker is an entirely new, previously unknown hacking group.