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The Cyber speaks: What will actually happen in 2020

by cyber_admin • 4 days ago

The only true way to predict computer security is to hear from the machines themselves.

Australian and European police shut down access to popular criminal hacking tool

by Sean Lyngaas • 1 week ago

The demise of the Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan is a major victory for law enforcement officials.

Aleksei Burkov, Russian accused of operating 'elite' hacking forum, pleads not guilty

by Jeff Stone • 3 weeks ago

The 29-year-old man is accused of an array of crimes stretching back years.

Consumer watchdog says Equifax settlement 'flunks' fairness test

by Jeff Stone • 3 weeks ago

Final approval, scheduled for Dec. 19, could be in jeopardy.

The Dark Overlord hacking suspect who's fighting extradition to the U.S. is running out of options

by Jeff Stone • 4 weeks ago

Nathan Wyatt could be on his way to the U.S. before the end of the year. The group known as the Dark Overlord has been tied to a series of attacks on U.S. schools, health care providers and Netflix.

Alleged SIM-swappers charged in $550,000 cryptocurrency scam

by Shannon Vavra • 4 weeks ago

They also threatened victims' families, according to an indictment.

Alleged Russian scammer appears in U.S. court after extradition battle

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

The case of Aleksei Burkov has been the subject of headlines in Israel and Russia for months.

Former Trend Micro employee enabled scam calls by stealing customers' personal data

by Shannon Vavra • 1 month ago

The cybersecurity company says the former employee sold it to an as-yet-unknown malicious third-party actor.

Alleged Russian hacker at center of international dispute poised for extradition to U.S.

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

The case of Aleksey Burkov is the most recent example of Russian officials trying to stop an accused cybercriminal from standing trial in the U.S.

Scammers just posted 1.3 million payment card numbers on Joker's Stash, a market for ID theft

by Jeff Stone • 1 month ago

It's the latest evidence Indian cardholders' data is being marketed for identity theft.

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