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Mixed results for Russia's aggressive Ukraine information war, experts say

by Suzanne Smalley • 2 months ago

Russia want to control the internet in occupied Ukraine to feed the population disinformation — and to prevent Ukrainians from sharing video of Russian troops with Ukrainian soldiers, one expert said.

'Shiba Inu' token scams surge with the virtual currency's popularity

by Tonya Riley • 9 months ago

CyberScoop found giveaway scams raking in tens of thousands of views.

Scammers targeted YouTube creators to takeover accounts, promote crypto investment fraud

by Tonya Riley • 10 months ago

YouTube has struggled with scammers taking over channels to spread cryptocurrency scams before.

The FCC wants to force phone carriers to guard against SIM-swapping scams

by Tonya Riley • 11 months ago

SIM-swapping can lead to identity and financial fraud.

SEC fines brokerage firms over email hacks, customer data exposure

by Tim Starks • 12 months ago

Collectively, the companies will pay $750,000.

Facebook, other platforms scramble to secure user accounts in Afghanistan

by Tonya Riley • 12 months ago

They're still struggling to moderate the Taliban's presence on their platforms, however.

NFT digital art is already attracting hackers

by Shannon Vavra • 1 year ago

Art thievery is alive and well — but now it's digital.

Scammers exploit COVID-19 vaccine confusion for fraud efforts

by Tim Starks • 1 year ago

Amid a rush to receive COVID-19 vaccines, spearphishing and shady domain registrations are on the uptick.

International sting shuts down 'favorite' VPN of cybercriminals

by Joe Warminsky • 2 years ago

The FBI and European police announced a sting against the Safe-Inet, which had marketed "bulletproof hosting" to cybercrime networks.

An iOS exploit that enables iPhone takeover is cybersecurity researcher's 'work of art'

by Joe Warminsky • 2 years ago

Researcher Ian Beer earned high praise for his persistence in working out the attack, which involves an iPhone feature called Apple Wireless Direct Link.